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Life transforming! Dr. Rajnikant Patel, MD, FACP (Houston, TX, USA)

"I have personally attended Sanjay’s yoga and meditation sessions. They are life transforming. He is experienced, learned and articulate. I’ve been to various teachers, but Sanjay has a fine blend of knowledge from mainstream medical studies and ancient wisdom. Highly recommended. His powerful stress reduction meditation has changed my life." Dr. Rajnikant Patel, MD, FACP (Houston, TX, USA)

I strongly recommend Mr. Sanjay Patel - Dr. Mahesh R. Dave, M.D. (Houston, TX, USA)

"I learned yoga from Mr. Sanjay Patel when I attended his yoga sessions with other students in India. I also attended his teaching sessions in the USA in 2004. He taught the asana, forms of pranayamas and meditation based on Patanjali Yoga in a highly skilled manner to novice and experienced alike." Dr. Mahesh R. Dave, M.D. (Houston, TX, USA)

I am so blessed that I had this great opportunity - Avani Thakkar, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, The Menninger Clinic (Houston, Texas Area, USA)

“Meeting, Mr. Patel individually and learning about two strongest aspects of yoga: meditation and pranayama (breathing exercise) has impacted my nursing practice in the most positive direction." Avani Thakkar, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, The Menninger Clinic (Houston, Texas Area, USA)

I really recommend it

"I love yoga and especially meditation. Now after getting Swami ji's world class yoga teacher certification I am enthusiastic to start teaching yoga. My friends are very impressed with this highest level certification." Rajesh Kulkarni (Previously Maharashtra, India. Now San Antonio, TX, USA)

Tripled my students!

"I already have yoga certification from another organization. But now I think I paid too much for it (4300 pounds), when I saw this website for true yogis. But I still purchased Sanjay's certification because I'm vegan and don't smoke or drink and it is an additional qualification that I can show to my students. I am very proud of it. Now I feel like a real Indian yogini!" Sarah Morgan (London, UK)

Very authentic yet easy

"I learned yoga at home from my friend and I can do most of the asanas and pranayamas. But because I did not attend formal classes, they are not certifying me although I know everything. It is waste of time and money to attend classes I don't need. But Sanjay ji's online certification helped me a lot. Yoga certification online via video by expert monks such as Sanjay makes sense in this day and age of internet. Thank you and namaste Sanjay." Urvashi Jain (Delhi, India)

My dream has come true!

"When I saw other people teaching yoga, I always dreamed of teaching too. But the certification classes are too expensive. But now I got one of the best certification in the world from Sanjay ji and already I have 23 people joined in my classes! Thank you Sanjay ji." Shreya Mehta (Uttar Pradesh, India)

True value for money

"I have a very flexible body so luckily it was easy for me to learn yoga. But how to get certified? I wanted to teach but nobody would certify. They all insist I come and learn from them for 6 months. That's not possible. But my sister told me about Right Yoga (Now Yoga Miracle) and online certification from learned Sanjay ji who was sadhu for 20 years. For just Rs 699 I got certified and got so many bonus yoga videos and books! Thanks Sanjay you are true saint." Amit Sharma (Chandigarh, India)

5 stars!

"Yoga belongs to India. I learned yoga from my father. But I felt awkward to get certified by westerners. I don't mean to be arrogant but shouldn't Indians be leading the way and certifying around the world? That is one of the main reasons I liked to get certified by Sanjay who was also a monk and is still very religious and scientific at same time. I feel proud to get certified by him. Now I have more than 75 students who are very impressed by him and also want to get certified by him. Sanjay ji, you're a rock star, man!" Suchit Sundarajan (Telangana, India)

So many new students are signing up

"This is the highest and most economical yoga teacher certification for self-taught yoga buffs. I'm glad somebody recognized that millions of people in India have learned yoga at home from my mother without going to yoga classes and we have practiced our whole lives. Why should we have to pay for classes and yoga schools to get certified??? Sanjay ji realizes this issue and has offered us certifcation at very reasonal cost (almost free you can say). Thank you Swami ji. Btw I already have more than 100 students :)" Rekha Vatsal (Gujarat, India)

I feel so confident and proud

"Everyone is very impressed to see my yoga certification from monk Sanjay ji. I feel very proud to show it to my new customers. I am opening my own yoga center very soon." Saluni Natrajan (West Bengal, India)

Highest quality - no doubt

"I have a private yoga business and teach at people's homes. This certification is a no brainer for anyone who wants to grow their yoga business and profile. Great value for money and good for your yogi image. My business is growing!" John Gates (New York, USA)

Amazing and enlightening

I didn't realize what enlightenment means until I met Sanjay. I got an exhilarating glimpse of it! I have met many yoga teachers but I think Sanjay is the real thing. Not surprising really, considering he was a monk for more than 20 years. I really recommend him to everybody. He is so unassuming, humble, and respectful of all faiths and people - even atheists! God bless. Joanne Rodrigos (Madrid, Spain)

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