Should Your Yoga Postures Be Perfect?


  • Does your performance of the posture need to be perfect?
  • Does your performance of the breathing techniques need to be perfect?
  • Does your performance of other yoga skills need to be perfect?
  • Must you be ultra-flexible and twist yourself into a knot?
  • Must you look glamorous like models in magazines?
  • Must you be skinny?

Answers: No. No. No. No. No. No.

However, you must have a decent ability in whichever yoga skill you perform. 

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Why is perfection not required?

Some of ancient yoga’s greatest where physically challenged or plump looking. Yoga is not about how good you look but more about how good you feel. Yoga is not about how far you can bend or twist but HOW you bend or twist. Yoga is not about acrobatics or twisting into a pretzel. It’s more about untwisting the wound up mind.


Yoga Principles

Authentic yoga is about personal growth at your own pace, according to your body type and age. More mature practitioners due to various factors may not be as flexible as younger yogis.

Indian history is replete with great yogis who were either young or aged, fit or disabled, male or female, queen or cobbler.

True yoga has never rejected genuine practitioners just because they could not twist into a pretzel or did not attend a certain yoga school or fit a glamorized body image.

Yoga is not so much about looking great but being healthy and feeling great.

Indeed, in ancient yoga texts such as the Hatha Pradipika, it is stated that if Siddhasana (accomplished pose) is known then no other yoga posture remains to be known! You DON’T have to be proficient in all of yoga’s postures, breathing techniques, or meditations to be a yogi. Explore more

Experience in just ONE yoga posture or other yogic practice is sufficient as the minimum requirement for YogaMiracle certification.

Teaching just ONE yoga posture to someone can change their lives!

You are therefore welcome to apply for certification in just ONE asana, mudra, pranayama, chanting, or meditation etc. if you so wish.

You can also use props. Just remember to tick the box “Sopashreyasana” in the questionnaire.


Medical Studies

Various studies show that it is not attainment of the “perfect” glamorous posture that leads to better health.

Much more important is regular practice of the postures, breathing techniques, and meditations.


Do you know yoga well but cannot teach it because you can’t afford the expensive yoga certification schools?

  • Are you a home-schooled or self-taught yogi? We can certify you.
  • Have you attended a yoga school or course? We can certify you.
  • Do you know only one yoga posture or skill? We can certify you.
  • Do you need to certify and register your Yoga School or Studio! We can certify you.

Please contact us for more details.

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