How to Become a Yoga Instructor

It’s not really that difficult to learn or teach yoga, but it can take a lot of time. And it can be quite expensive.

Depending on how flexible you are and how much time you have to practice, basic yoga asanas may be learned in a just a few months to several years.

To become a certified yoga teacher however, you have several options:

  1. Find an authentic yoga school and go through yoga instructor training. This can take months and cost you between $8,000 – $20,000 to get certified.
  2. Join a yoga class and go through yoga instructor training. Good classes can take between 2-3 years to complete and can cost you up to $5,000 to get certified.
  3. If you already know yoga, you can apply for certification directly from RightYoga which provides global leadership in yoga instructor certification.

RightYoga can help you if you already know yoga to a decent standard. If you have a holistic lifestyle, even better., online yoga instructor certification, online yoga certification, yoga teacher certification, certified yoga training and teaching, become a yoga instructor, size 19439

We also require certain standards and best practices to be met for yoga instructors, yoga studios, and yoga schools to be certified by us. Requirements

After getting certified you also need to find students. How?

Two sure ways to attract plenty of students and inspire their confidence that you are an authentic yoga instructor is by:

i) Getting certified from an authentic source.

ii) Getting listed in a certified yoga instructor directory. Because of our mandatory holistic best practices oath we have one of the finest in the world.

To become an authentic and effective teacher other things are also important. Such as a holistic lifestyle. If, for instance, you are spiritual, compassionate, non-judgmental, vegetarian or vegan, don’t drink or smoke, involved in charities – more people will respect you and will commit to learn from you.

These important qualities may take time to adopt and absorb but they are center to authentic yoga.

The joy and freedom yoga brings to people’s lives transcends anything they can buy. The blessings and thanks you receive from those people when you transform their lives are unforgettable.

And teaching yoga, when done right, can also lead to a healthy income. You get the best of both worlds. You teach yoga, transform lives, and make a living!

Yoga is so nourishing and fun to teach, some people even teach it for free. But whether you charge or not, you still need to get properly certified.

So get certified and teach yoga affordably and authentically.

Earn a healthy living by helping others bring their mind and body into balance, move for the pure joy of it, look good and feel connected to all life has to offer.   ​

Perhaps one of the noblest vocations is that in which you help people build, preserve, and enhance their state of health and mind.

Perhaps one of the profoundest vocations is that in which you help people connect and identify with their true self.

Both of these fundamental needs of human life can be accomplished by getting certified and teaching yoga.

Becoming a certified yoga instructor is one of the most enjoyable and emotionally rewarding lifestyles you can choose.

Follow your heart, passion, and bliss! Become a certified yoga instructor and teach yoga to thousands of people who need you. They need your talent. They need your passion. They need your guidance.

Transform their lives, win their blessings, and if you wish – make a healthy living at the same time!


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