Yoga Certification and Continuing Education (CE)

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The Yoga Miracle Self-Study Book

YogaMiracle encourages self-study or “swadyaya” as it is termed in yoga’s ancient language of Sanskrit. This remarkable book about yoga is unlike any other and is based on Sanjay’s personal experience as a monk for two decades., yoga teacher certification, yoga continuing education, sanjay c patel, yoga miracle book, yoga wisdom

30 Hour Continuing Education

If you are a certified or registered yoga teacher, you are eligible to enroll in Sanjay’s advanced continuing education (CE) classes. YogaMiracle respects and certifies all genuine yogis regardless of where they learned yoga.

200 Hour Yoga Certification

YogaMiracle gives you the world class yoga teacher certification and continuing education you need to successfully start or forward your yoga teaching career. Yoga teacher certification requires experience, knowledge, and honesty.

Heritage Yoga Certification

For those who have already learned yoga very well – from a guru, parents, a yoga class, online, or other respected source. There is no aristocracy in yoga. Explore more

Continuing Education

Take our course. Grow your wisdom. Can be online or personal. Get yoga teacher certification or continuing education (CE). Contact us by phone or email here

Highest Standards.

Attainable Skills.

Virtually FREE!

More than 2200 yogis and yoginis certified!

We’re also practical and understanding. You don’t need to have ‘perfect’ yoga or meditation skills, or to twist into a pretzel – though that is welcome. All you need is a decent ability in whichever skills you perform.

Our yoga teacher certification is guided by our volunteer team of board certified medical professionals from all over the world – doctors, nurses, and pharmacists as well as world-class experts in yoga and body-mind-spirit such as former monk, yogi Sanjay C Patel. You can’t get a better team than that!

Plus, in the true spirit of yoga, we’re also virtually FREE.  Contact us now!

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Grow Your Skills

YogaMiracle gives you freedom and flexibility to get certification for as few or as many yoga skills as you wish. We let you teach your way. As long as it’s safe and you take our oath., yoga teacher certification, yoga continuing education, sanjay c patel, yoga miracle book, yoga wisdom, spiritual wellness, sleeping buddha

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